It’s Been a while…

To say that the pandemic has affected us all is an understatement. For me, it hasn’t been too rough. Yes, my classroom access has been cut off, and getting together with students has been delayed. And with ever-changing rules, it makes it harder to plan for teaching. On a personal level, though, I am still able to crochet and knit as much as I like.

I will elaborate on the teaching disruption to my life.

In 2019, I became an independent contractor, and was able to use the classroom at a big box arts and crafts store. I was able to get students from their website, but I was able to design my own classes, and charge my own rates. But in March 2020, everything closed down, including that classroom, and as of today, it remains closed. Getting other places to teach is also difficult. This I understand as public rental spaces, such as the library, don’t want just anyone wandering in their workplaces, and I don’t want to invest in plexiglass barriers to carry around with me.

Finally, in late 2021, I was able to feel comfortable meeting with people, indoors, and get back to teaching. I found many students through Nextdoor, and several from this website.

Meeting in coffee shops has been a good place as you don’t need any proof of vaccination, and even if you did, it wouldn’t be my job to do it.

I have met a few people in their homes, and I appreciate the trust that people put in me to invite me in.

I am a terrible housekeeper – perhaps I spend too much time on crafts – so I have been unable to set up a meeting place in my home.

Group classes remain a challenge; getting people together with their various schedules, has not worked out. As well, there are still cautions about group meetings.

Overall, I do hope to get back to teaching more people. One -on -one lessons are very specific to one person, and I like that. In a group of students, however, there is often more energy and the students can help and encourage each other.

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