Always Time to Craft with Yarn

Now that it is June of 2022, I don’t really want to dwell on the past years. I will say that ordering yarn online has been a joy. My favourite go-to website is Yarn Canada. They have a huge selection of yarn, and great service.

I have been able to get supplies to continue to knit and crochet. I can’t say I finished up all my WIP’s, or started something totally new, like socks, but I think it did help me have something to be excited about in such uncertain times.

I currently am getting ready to teach free classes at the local library. Someone I met through Next Door has gotten a small grant for this program, so we are able to supply free yarn, needles, hooks, etc. She will be teaching journaling and colouring.

It is hard to know what students will want to make. Do they want to knit a dishcloth? Or crochet a skinny scarf? Shopping with other people’s money is great of course, but I do have to use common sense, and restrain myself from going over budget.

I am glad that things are opening up again, and that gathering together to knit and crochet are becoming safe and fun.

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