Sweater in August

dscf34571.jpgDespite my ravings on about what projects to do in the hot days of summer, last year I took on the task of making a sweater with a very complex cable pattern. This year, I find myself again taking an a sweater, with a less complicated cable pattern to it. Why am I doing this?

Perhaps it is the joy of being able to go outside and knit while the hummingbirds buzz by, or to watch the squirrels cross the telephone wires as they store their nuts for the winter.

Perhaps it is the good, bright light that enables me to see the complicated stitches (instead of waiting til evening to put on a light).

Perhaps it is a change of scenery – outside in the fresh air, instead of inside with the television on. Yes, it can be a pain to take all the pattern pages and cable needle and pen needed to keep track of rows, but once I set up a bag to transport the WIP, and remember to put everything back in, it is easy to take where I want to go.

However, I did make the mistake last year of starting a project without enough of the same dye lot of yarn, and of course when I ordered more, it was a very different shade of turquoise than the one I had started. I still have the completed sweater with it varying shades, tucked away, unsure of what to do with it i.e. perhaps dye the whole thing to even it out.

You would think I would have learned…but sadly what I did was order more yarn last year thinking I would make another of the same complicated pattern.  But then I found a less complicated pattern, still with glorious cables though, and again find myself without enough of the same colour of yarn, this time because the colour has been discontinued all together. My solution? I am making the back purple, and the front and sleeves in mauve. I don’t know how it will turn out – stay tuned.

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