Just Say “No” to Christmas in July

DSCF3349Seriously, who need Christmas in July as a yarn crafter? I know retail seems to think it is a good idea, but yarn crafting in summer is different than in the fall or winter, and that is the point!

I can see the idea of getting ahead of handmade Christmas gifts, but I don’t want to be making scarves or hats, or even little Christmas ornaments in July. In a previous blog, I explained about the different projects and yarns one uses when the weather is hot.

It doesn’t matter that ornaments are small items; they still are reminiscent of the winter seasons, and I don’t want to be making them when the summer months go by so fast. The warmer months are a time to try new yarns, try new small projects, or even to take a break from yarn crafting. Some yarn shops close for a holiday. Yarn shipments to stores slow down now.

We should not feel pressured to be thinking about Christmas in July, but instead enjoy the couple of months where we can be outside doing other things, including being inspired by colours and sights we see while out in the sunshine. Maybe we might go out of town and visit a different yarn shop. Maybe we take a small project with us, but please nothing that reminds us of winter!

There is plenty of time to think of gifts in the upcoming cooler months, which is very exciting to yarn crafters.

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