Crafty New Year

DSCF2663It is a conundrum about knitting and crocheting and cooler weather. On the one hand, when it gets cooler, people want to be inside more. This, you would think, would mean more time crafting. But on the other hand, this time of year people also get very busy with shopping, wrapping, cooking, cleaning, seeing Christmas lights, visiting etc. This actually means less time crafting.

If you work in retail, you are extremely busy and it can get very tiring.

And if you are making gifts for people for Christmas, you can get somewhat stressed by timelines and perfectionism.

After Christmas is when the sales are, including yarn. You would buy more if it was on sale before Christmas to make presents with, but no, it’s after. You may have no money left for yarn, but then again you may have gotten gift cards. Yahoo!

For the new year, it would be a good idea to shop your stash, and finish up more WIP’s. It is also a good time to do an inventory of projects. If there are things that just need a bit of finishing, get to them. If there are projects that you know you will never get to, or just don’t enjoy, you can donate the yarn to a good cause.

I just got a bunch of clear bins to sort projects into. Initially I thought I’d need big bins, but surprisingly, there are a lot of little projects, so I don’t need more big bins!

Also a good idea would be to do something for charity. In North Vancouver, there is a woman collecting hats and mittens for the Syrian refugees.

But most of all, it is time to make things just for me! A new colourful scarf, tea cozies instead of blankets, and a dog coat (maybe).

Time to make a cup of tea, settle under a cozy hand-knitted blanket and make something beautiful!

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