I often donate my creations to charity. Our family donates to several charities that collect household items, so I will add a blanket into the bag of other things. I hope that my blanket goes to someone who needs one, but it could also be sold to raise money by a store that also helps the needy. Either way, I have to relinquish the blanket to the universe and hope that it helps to keep someone warm and cheers them up.

I know about donations because I work in a thrift store for a non-profit. So imagine my surprise when one of my donated blankets showed up there!

I don’t know what the story of the blanket is; I can only guess that it ended up being bought at a charity shop, used, then donated to our charity shop.

So now this blanket was in our shop. It was hung up and priced at $12.00 which I was pleased about. But it continued to not be sold. It was moved to the head of the rack to be seen by everyone. It got moved to the baby clothes area. I finally moved it to the linens bin. It seemed to be at least looked at there. I noticed that the price had been lowered to $5.00. Hmm. But it sold to a nice woman. I did not tell her I’d made it; I did not ask where it was going. That is $5.00 to our charity, thanks to my efforts.

That is the thing about donating to charity – you can’t have restrictions on the items. As long as you have gotten rid of them, you can no longer control who does what with them. I will continue to donate blankets and hope they find a good home.DSCF2354.JPG

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