A Bad Day in the Craft Room

DSCF2641[1]It was one of those days where projects, literally, unravelled.

I have been working on a knitted blanket on huge needles, with chunky yarn. I was probably half-way through, and went to do a couple more rows when I noticed one of the edges coming undone! EEK!

There did not seem to be a way to pick up those stitches, so yes, I undid many, many rows. Luckily, it was not all the way back to the beginning. I think what happened was when I joined a new skein, it somehow came undone, and somehow, unravelled all the way up the side. I’ve never had that happen before, so I didn’t know what else to do. It was one of those moments where you wonder if it is worth it to try to fix it, or just start over. I chose to start over.

Then, just as that issue was resolved, I was looking at the beginnings of a sweater I was working on, and thought that it looked awfully large. I wanted it to be loose, but not that loose. And, I actually did a gauge swatch, so I thought I’d be good, but it still looked too huge. And I was not really liking the colour either. When I chose the colour, I was thinking in blue tones, but it has more grey marl in it, and that’s not really what I wanted. So I undid one skein’s worth of knitting. I’m going to change yarns all together and start with a colour I really love. I have to use two strands held together, and that makes it a bit more picky, but I think the colours will be beautiful.

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