Sewing kit versus Tool kit

Why is this called a sewing kit?


And this called a tool box?


I’ve always thought that the names of these items denigrates the value of a sewing kit. How come a screwdriver is a tool, but a sewing needle is a notion?

I think that the contents of a sewing kit are equivalent to a tool box.

The definition of tool  is “an implement especially one held in the hand, as a hammer, saw or file, for performing or facilitating mechanical operations”.

Or “Any implement of manual operation”.

Or “Anything used as a means of accomplishing a task or purpose|.

You use the tools to do work. You may be fixing something or making something.

I understand that one container needs to be sturdier if its going to  be thrown into the back of a truck, and that heavier tools will be put into it. But still, I think a tool kit can be anything you need to assist in accomplishing something, and needles, pins, thread, and scissors all qualify as such.

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