Old Granny “squares”

Over the years, I have started, and completed, many projects. However, I’ve also started, and not finished, many projects, for a variety of reasons. Sometimes I would experiment with colour combinations, and my swatch of choice was a granny square. These little gems accumulated over the years, and I had so many, I decided to do a purge and put them together.

I have done purpose-made granny square blankets before. In those projects, the size was consistent, and the colours were carefully selected and coordinated. Joining them would be a pleasure.

This purge-project wasn’t going to be straight forward. Between the various sizes, and various colours I had tried over the years, I had to put a lot of thought into placement.

I started by sorting them into #of rounds. I began in the middle with



5-round squares, as that is what I had the most of. Then I added larger numbered rounds, and placed them as best I could. Of course, the different sizes didn’t line up, so I had to improvise at the edges and just crochet a few rows in particular areas to square it up.

When crocheting them together, there were seams that didn’t line up, so I just slip-stitched to where the next join was and carried on.

The various colours made for a challenge as well. I had made pastels, brights, weird combinations, lovely combinations. They would all have to get along. I tried to avoid having the same colours beside one another, and tried to have them somewhat pleasing to the eye. Where did this odd-ball come from?

And of course there weren’t really enough squares to make a large enough blanket. I had many many first-rounds, so I took them and added various rounds to make more of 5 or 6 round squares. Here I could choose colours that I needed, and avoid ghastly combinations.

It may not be the prettiest, although it’s not horrid either. It will definitely keep someone toasty warm.

I really enjoyed this challenging project, and because I still have plenty of various squares left, anther blanket is in the works.

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