Spring Cleaning in my craft room

In a continuation of cleaning up around the house, I’m starting to tackle my craft room, formerly known as the Solarium. I’m not sure how it got overtaken by yarn, and books, but it has. I, like so many crafters, am trying to confine my yarn to just one or two rooms in the house. It has occasionally crept into more than that, but now it is just where I actually can sit and knit or crochet.

It is always a challenge to sort yarn: is it by colour or brand? It it by weight or by fibre? In general I sort it by weight i.e. baby yarn together, bulky or chunky together. But if I have enough of a certain brand, I will likely put that together. Also, if I buy yarn for a specific project,  I would put the yarn and pattern together in a bag, but this bag now becomes unwieldy to put on a shelf, so it goes in a bin. And yarn on a shelf looks nice, and is easy to see, and yarn in a bin becomes forgotten.

In my cleanup, I discovered many bits of yarn, which I intend to tie together, knit an i-cord with, and then knit the i-cord into something, which depends on how much I end up with.

I discovered many granny squares of various sizes and palettes. I have joined many of them already, but as I dig deeper, I find more. Should I make them bigger and join them? If so, what colours should I finish them off with? And the biggest question of all – do I need to buy more yarn for that?

I may never be fully organized, as it is kind of a happy endeavor to go through a bin and discover hidden treasures, DSCF2958[1]or regrets, or why did I ever start this project, or what do I need to finish it?.

After all, what is really wrong with buying more yarn?

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