Road Trip

I recently went on a road trip to Vancouver Island. I used to live there, so I am familiar with the beautiful scenery. But since this is a yarn blog, I want to share some experiences in regards to getting yarn on holiday.

We started out in Port Hardy. The population there is less than 4000, so I didn’t know what to expect. Some small towns have a local access to yarn, others, none whatsoever.

We went to Cafe Guido/Drift/Book Nooks,( for coffee, and I saw two women knitting, so I asked them to recommend where to buy yarn. “Ace Hardware” they replied, but they also mentioned that they mostly buy online. As well, they said “it is a good excuse for a road trip”. Amen to that!

So on Sunday morning before we were to leave, we went to the local Ace Hardware store, and lo and behold, an entire  back area for yarn and sewing notions. I only bought one skein of wool because I had decided beforehand to only buy wool so I could felt it, and I don’t really need anything else. The picture above is from Ace Hardware.

Hint: if you are going on holiday and can get to yarn stores, either have something specific in mind, or at least have an idea. It is not fun to be overwhelmed by all the beautiful yarns only to leave empty handed! My idea was to buy only wool, so I can make felted bowls. This idea focusses me to look for wool that would look nice after felting.

I also took along one project, and these photos show how much I got done. Not a lot, which means I was busy doing other activities, but I did get some yarning in.

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