Why so many WIP’s?

DSCF2609The cat is already finished.

First, I should explain what a WIP is. This stands for Work in Progress – in other words, something I haven’t yet finished because something more interesting caught my fancy and I abandoned this current project for it. Temporarily!

One reason I have so many WIP’s is that I do both knitting and crocheting, so I would have to have at least two things going at once. Another reason is that I primarily make blankets, so they take more time than other projects and I get bored with them.

I will make a few arguments against having so many at once:

Sometimes when I go back to a project, it takes time to see where I’m at in the pattern. I have to make sure I take good notes about what row I’m on when I put something to the side so I can get back into it at the right spot. Other projects go out of style if they are hidden away for too long. And even they can become too small. I was helping someone with a sweater for her son, and it was getting close to being too small at the time. She never finished it for him, but had to send it to a nephew who was much younger and smaller. So sometime you really do have to get some things finished before working on something else.

However, some projects are more intense than others. An intricate pattern requires more concentration, and maybe after one repeat, it is time to take a break, whereas others are simply back and forth.

Switching around different projects keeps things interesting. I might do a stripe of a particular colour on one project, or on another I might do a repeat of the pattern. This creates a natural break point to switch to something else. I might do 10 rows on one project. I might do a square or motif on another project.

A very legitimate excuse is when you run out of yarn. You have to stop what you are working on until you can buy, or find in your stash, the yarn to carry on. Sometimes, if it is something you ordered online, it may take a while to get more. Meanwhile, you have a good excuse to work on something else.

People who only have one thing on the go at a time are highly disciplined. I’m not one of them!

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