More on WIPs

DSCF2613I guess another downside to having so many WIPs is that I don’t seem to finish anything. I get so enthused about a pattern that I have to start it right away and that just adds to the list.  If I do a little bit on several things, nothing gets completed,  but if I took all those bits of time and worked on one project, I would finish it that much quicker.

I know there are things that I just lose interest in.  There was a scarf that I was knitting and I really disliked the yarn I was using, so it was not fun to finish it, but finish it I did.

I actually worked on that been-in-the-cupboard sweater yesterday. The thing that tripped me up about that one is the neckband. I had finished the back, sleeves, and the front, except for the neckband, and had already picked up most of the stitches already, so why I didn’t just pick up the stitches from the back and gotten on with it I don’t know. It was a struggle – that may have been the issue, but it’s on its way to getting knitted.

I always believe I will finish the project, so why not strike while the iron is hot?

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